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24 Hours 3.5%

  • Investment $100-$10000
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 5 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
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Weekly 5%

  • Investment $10000-$100000
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 10 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
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Monthly 10%

  • Investment $100000-$1000000
  • Capital Back Yes
  • Return Type Period
  • Number of Period 50 Times
  • Profit Withdraw Anytime
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How It Works

The steps are describe how the application works and what's inside

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Registering this website you will be able to start your operation

Verify Email

After creating the user account,the user must verify the email for account purpose

Verify KYC

User's need to verify KYC before withdrawals

Deposit Money

Users can deposit using any automatic or manual gateways

Investment plan

Users can invest to any of the plan or schema to enjoy the return of investment.

Transfer Money

Users can transfer the fund to another user instantly

Refer to Friends

Referrals, the upliner is eligible to generate five (5) percent.


Withdrawal's can be performed anytime(Minimum withdrawal $10)

Latest Investors and Withdraws

You can explore the live investments and withdraws

Recent Investors

Ali Faraji
Jun 16, 2024 11:56
+0 USD
446.11 USD
Dorrit Evans
Jun 12, 2024 19:15
+43.264 USD
540.8 USD
Dorrit Zofia
Jun 12, 2024 19:13
+865.28 USD
10816 USD
Zofia Niki Janam
Jun 12, 2024 19:11
+0 USD
10000 USD
Ali Faraji
Jun 08, 2024 08:19
+78.410846253876 USD
392.05423126938 USD
Ali Faraji
Jun 01, 2024 07:08
+55.768935740212 USD
278.84467870106 USD

Recent Withdraws

Withdraw With USDT-USDT
Jun 14 2024 10:10
+16 USD
16 USD
Withdraw With USDT-USDT
Jun 12 2024 07:13
+670 USD
670 USD
Withdraw With USDT-USDT
Jun 12 2024 07:10
+690 USD
690 USD
Withdraw With USDT-USDT
Jun 11 2024 08:33
+100 USD
100 USD
Withdraw With USDT-USDT
Jun 08 2024 01:15
+875 USD
875 USD
Withdraw With USDT-USDT
Jun 08 2024 01:13
+144.09 USD
144.09 USD

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We commit to representing and solving our clients interests as if they're our own and to always pursue their goals in the most beneficial way's. Professional activities. 24X7 active support,Safe and business growths.

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Faq Questions

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Amanawealthy is a cryptocurrency mining company established in 2017, headquartered in Kingston, Australia. The wide array of services we offer have been specifically designed to assist people who want to enjoy an easy, solid and affordable mining service.

Our goal is to provide to our customers a unique and user-friendly mining platform. This is why we have employed the use of a cutting-edge platform with extensive infrastructure. Our services is quite affordable and to any of our clients can start with a simple click as soon as they are ready without any knowledge required and you don't have to worry about investing in very expensive hardware that quickly depreciates, you have the power from us and you must enjoy the highest mining rate offered on the market.

The strength of our platform is the extreme stability and security, when you make a deposit in our platform a part of it is transferred to a cold wallet until we actually need it for the purchase of new equipment or any company expenses and the other part is invested in masternodes. Security is our top priority. Our platform also offers the possibility to use 2FA, we strongly recommend to activate it to have an additional security layer on account and personal data.

We're a million+ member,you can join us with high confident and courage.

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